Galeria Katowicka: lockup stage soon to be completed

Galeria Katowicka’s construction process is entering a new phase – final works for the lockup stage are underway. This stage will be finished within the next few weeks, with the exact date depending on weather conditions.

Inside the mall, structural works are still going on only at the top floor boasting a 10-room movie theater of Multikino. The other parts of the building already see finishing and installation works. Floors started to be laid and structures for the facades of future shops are being installed.

From the outside, the mall is definitely taking its final shape. The installation of steel structures and glazing works for skylights are approaching an end. The elevation from the side of Słowackiego St. is partially ready. A structure for the installation of an arch elevation is being mounted on 3 Maja St. A steel structure has been installed on the building’s elevation at Szewczyka Sq., which will soon feature perforated aluminum panels. They will be covered with a special layer providing the elevation with durable gloss and high resistance to the influence of weather conditions.

Currently approximately 800 people work every day at the construction site of Galeria Katowicka.