Galeria Katowicka turns retail spaces into Mall Stage

Galeria Katowicka becomes a host of another cultural events to be organized in the place of unoccupied retail units. The 6th of November will see the premiere of Stones, the first play to be performed at the new „Scena w Galerii” (Mall Stage), Poland’s only theater stage located inside a shopping center.

As part of the Higher Level Project, which kicked off in July, Galeria Katowicka cooperates with a range of trusted partners to organize cultural, scientific and art events. Over the holiday season, Galeria Katowicka hosted nearly 100 theater and art workshops, experiments, lectures, relaxation sessions, career workshops, music production and arrangement classes, workshops for aspiring TV presenters and journalists, international exhibitions, performances and other events.

Now „Scena w Galerii” is going to host various premieres, plays, meetings and workshops. Galeria Katowicka’s customers will get free tickets for selected events.

„The idea that inspired the Higher Level Project has come to life. In the heart of the city, in a place which acts as both the destination and a stopover, at a seemingly non-obvious location, we have managed to create a space for art, theater and music. It all started with our talks to the Silesian Theater’s representative a couple months ago. We are more than glad to see „Scena w Galerii” ready to host its first play. Now we can invite everyone to experience high art in a new spot” – says Ewa Spychalska, director of Galeria Katowicka.

„Scena w Galerii” becomes the Silesian Theater’s fourth regular stage in Katowice. It was developed within less than two months and offers seats for 200 audience members.

„It is a place where the city meets the theater. We are going to talk about everyday issues – private, public, local and global ones. We are going to talk through plays, workshops, debates, meetings and book readings. This is the first time a Polish theater has become an intrinsic part of a retail project. We are soon about to see where this social and art experiment will take us” – says Robert Talarczyk, director of the Silesian Theater.

This year „Scena w Galerii” is going to host two other plays: pre-premiere of Dextral and Piece of Meat. The stage will also offer workshops for kids, teenagers and adults, classes for university students, short plays prepared by the Silesian Theater’s Drama School, as well as book readings.

Level +2 of Galeria Katowicka features an information desk where visitors can learn more about the Silesian Theater and purchase tickets. It is open daily from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Customers can also win tickets for selected plays at „Scena w Galerii.”