Galeria Katowicka waits for last concrete works

Last concrete works are currently underway at the construction site of Galeria Katowicka. The lock up stage is now 95% done.

Works on Galeria Katowicka

The final concrete works are being conducted on the side of Słowackiego St. where the movie theater of Multikino will be located. This is also the place where the last tower crane operates. “There is still some concrete to be poured for two out of ten screening rooms, before we would be able to announce the building structure is locked up. Outfitting and installation works were already started at all levels of the mall. Also, the surface of the underground car park has been commenced to be laid. The construction process runs according to the schedule” – says Daniel Muc, Strabag’s press spokesman for the Galeria Katowicka project.

Building crews have also finished to mount a steel structure of the building’s main entrance. The frame will be covered with glass and will create a cupola over the food-court. This will be the Galeria Katowicka’s highest point accessible for customers. Moreover, all frames were installed for the facade panels. “We wait for spring and higher temperatures to mount the panels” – Daniel Muc added.

Skylights are almost done and need final glazed works. All lifts, moving ramps and stairways were already delivered to the building site and will be installed by the end of March.

Strabag currently employs approximately 750 workers from 50 building companies at the construction site.