Geo plans medical center in Katowice

The UCEES architectural studio from Kraków was contracted to prepare a project of a medical center. The undertaking is planned by Geo Medical, part of the Geo Group, a real estate developer.

The facility will be located in the area of Ceglana and Wita Stwosza streets. A plot destined for the investment covers 2,3 ha. The complex of a hospital and a health center will total a usable space of 19 000 sq. meters. The medical complex will be accompanied by a hotel, which will be used by patients and medical training participants.

A few medical centers already operate in the area. These are the Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Silesia and a private hospital of Euromedic opened last year.

The Geo Group was established in 1988 in Kraków. The company is known for housing development projects. It delivered over 3000 flats and apartments across the country. In Katowice, the firm has delivered the first stage of the Atrium Geo housing scheme located on Rolna St.