GPP is to implement Tri-Generation system

Construction work on the first building of the GPP Office Park was commenced late 2010 in the area of the Upper Silesian Industrial Park (GPP). Recently, the building’s structure was topped out. Meanwhile, the project was granted by the European Union. The funds will allow for implementation of the Tri-Generation system in the building.

“The system enables a simultaneous generation of electricity, heating and cooling from gas. Usage of energy-saving solutions helps to decrease operational charges and increases the attractiveness of the building in tenants’ view. Moreover, in order to meet growing expectations of companies that increasingly focus on the environmental profile of their businesses we decided to apply for a BREEAM certificate” – said Justyna Bartecka, Marketing and Development Manager at GPP.

According to the GPP, the initial assessment carried out by Buro Happold proved that the project has a chance to achieve high rating in the BREEAM assessment method. It is possible to obtain “Excellent” or even highest available rating – “Outstanding”.

  • To achive the BREEAM certificate, following solutions will be applied in the building:
    – Tri-Generation – simultaneous generation of electricity, heating and cooling from gas
    – Building Management System (BMS)
    – specialist LCC (Life Cycle Costs) analyses joined with continuous monitoring of thermal comfort and operational cost parameters. Monitoring performed in cooperation with specialists from The First Polish Cluster for Passive and Low Energy Building Engineering
    – heat recovery system
    – air conditioning system based on chilled beams
    – window – façade system with high thermal insulating power, with heat transfer coefficient from U=1,5 W/m2K
    – advanced façade system with controlled shutters
    – 100% of workplaces will benefit from daylight
    – carbon dioxide level sensors, light Intensity sensors, energy saving lamps – symbiosis between natural and artificial light management
    – fast and energy-efficient lifts
    – proximity sensors installed in taps and aerators that will reduce use of water in the toilets
    – automatic valves limiting water consumption
    – recycling and reuse of rain water system
    – social space
    – charging stations for electric drive vehicles
    – underground parking and guaranteed parking places for vehicles carrying groups of min. 4 people
    – parking places and storage for alternative means of transport (bicycles)
    – green Roof
    – raised floors
    – use of certified materials with low content of compounds harmful to the environment, supplied from certified sources and manufactured with limited CO2 emission

The GPP Office Park will consist of four buildings, each of 7500 sq. m., dedicated mostly for BPO companies (Business Process Outsourcing) and SSC (Shared Service Center). The Park was designed to comply with principles of sustainable development and is being built within The First Polish Cluster for Passive and Low Energy Building Engineering. The Upper Silesian Industrial Park is a coordinator of the Cluster. The first Park’s building being currently under construction is to be delivered in Q1 2012.

Description of the solutions implemented in the building is based on GPP materials.