Groundbreaking at Szewczyka Sq.

Last demolition works on the Station’s building and its foundations were finished lately and the joint venture project of Neinver and PKP SA enters the next phase. According to the developer, construction works run according to the schedule.

Last days, a groundbreaking on the underground parts of the new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka launched. At the same time, construction crews are involved in preparing a diaphragm wall, which will border the complex area under the ground and which is necessary to build the underground levels.

The diaphragm wall is basically a deep trench excavated in the soil into which reinforced concrete is placed. Excavation is accomplished using clamshell grabs, while the trench stability is maintained using suspensions of a bentonite slurry. Once excavated, three-dimensional reinforcement is set in the trench and followed by the placement of structural grade concrete. The result is a structural wall system that provides ground restraint when excavation proceeds. The bentonite is being prepared at the construction site in a blue tent. The three-dimensional reinforcement is also making up at the site by welders. The Keller company is responsible for building the diaphragm wall.

About 30% of the wall’s total length is already concluded. It is finished at Szewczyka Sq. on the east side and works are going ahead along 3 Maja and Słowackiego Streets. Meanwhile, road works started on Sądowa St. which will be broadened. A demolition of an underpass located nearby is also in progress now.

  • Construction works at Szewczyka Sq. in numbers:
    – maximum number of cranes working at the construction site at one time: 8 cranes
    – number of soil removed from the excavation: 365 000 cubic meters
    – footprint area of the complex: 27 000 square meters
    – maximum depth of foundations: 14,0 meters
    – overall length of the diaphragm wall: 870 running meters
    – maximum number of workers at the construction site at one time: 800 (expected)
    – volume of concrete needed to build the complex: 150 000 cubic meters

The new Railway Station, Galeria Katowicka, the underground bus hub and planned office as an integrated transportation, retail and business center are currently one of the biggest development in this part of Europe which total costs exceed EUR 240 million. Nearly 200 000 sq. meters of usable space will be created with this project, 53 000 sq. meters of which is supposed to function as retail space – 250 stores or service points in Galeria Katowicka, the office building and the Station hall. The new Railway Station’s building will be opened in spring 2012, Galeria Katowicka is scheduled for delivery in the 2nd quarter of 2013. Strabag is responsible for the construction works.