Grundmanna/Żelazna St.

The subjected 17 200 sq. meters plot is mostly undeveloped and covered by greenery. The investment site may be increased by a 1 874 sq. m. plot situated right alongside and by following plots located to the north – all together it will cover an area of 5,19 ha. An access to water, gas, sewage system, electricity is provided. The plot is designed for commercial use.

It is located between Grundmanna and Żelazna Streets within an easy reach to Gliwicka St. and Chorzowska St. (“DTŚ” expressway). The location of the plot gives an easy access to the City Center by car, and is situated about 3-minutes’ drive to the Roundabout and the Silesia City Center shopping complex. The “IMAX” cinema multiplex is placed nearby on Gliwicka St.

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17 200 sq. meters

For sale

PLN 700 per one sq. meter

Sales Agent:
“IzomaG” Real Estate Agency