Grunfeld – housing estate with a private lake

Private 5ha lake, green spaces surrounding the area, small pier for boats, beach, 42 apartments at choice and central location – all that is offered within a new housing project called “Grunfeld”. Developer announces a construction work’s start this summer.

The company of “Grunfeld T. Kozielski commandite partnership” plans to raise the housing estate just by the lake of Grunfeld on Krzemienna Street. In the second half of nineteenth century, the area was used as a clay-pit established by Ignatz Grünfeld, a master-builder, building contractor, town councilor and owner of the Ignatz Grünfeld Baugeschäft company. His firm designed and built several tenements in the City Center of Katowice. Known as a person who had a great influence on the developing City at that time.

© Tadeusz Kozielski; project of the Grunfeld housing estate
© Tadeusz Kozielski; project of the Grunfeld housing estate

The clay for bricks, which were used to build Katowice tenements, had been dug from an excavation filled at present with water of the Grunfeld lake. The bricks were also manufactured there by the Ignatz Grünfeld Baugeschäft’s clay-pit. “We would like to hark back to those great architectural and construction achievements commenced in the area” – says Tadeusz Kozielski, architect of Grunfeld.

“We decided to create an exclusive residential estate with simply architecture referring to modernist villas located in the surroundings. No ornaments were used, just modestly designed housing project implementing nowadays solutions” – he explains. “The buildings are three-storeyed, not so big to harmonize with the green spaces and “respect” it. We wanted to create a cosy housing estate which offers a very good access to the downtown of Katowice, the “Muchowiec” city airport and the “A4” motorway, but its location reminds rather Mazuria. There will be only 42 apartments, so all citizens will know each other and create a community.”

A plot destined for the housing estate is about 1,5ha. The apartments will cover an area from 52 to 219 sq. meters including two-storeyed maisonettes. Garages are to be located under the buildings. All the apartments will feature terraces. A stand-alone facility placed by the lake is designed for fitness club, cafe and small apartments for rent.

“The lake as well as the construction plot are owned by our commandite partnership. However, buyers of the apartments will share the land as a property. The construction work will be probably launched next month and is scheduled for conclusion by the end of 2012” – Tadeusz Kozielski adds.

An average price per one sq. meter of the apartments is PLN 7500 (gross). Though, as the customers will share the land as a property, and a garage and storage room are obligatory for all purchasers, the price totals PLN 9000 in average.

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  1. Mieszkalam na ulicy Krzemiennej ponad 20 lat pod numerem 11 I 12. Te wille byly piekne I uwazam, ze nowe budownictwo w tej okolicy powinny przypominac ten styl (Art Deco?)

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