GZM cities join forces to support Katowice 2016

Tychy, Ruda Śląska, Sosnowiec, Bytom and Piekary Śląskie – five cities of fourteen creating the Metropolitan Association of Upper Silesia (GZM), adopted resolutions to support Katowice in efforts to be designated as a European Capital of Culture in 2016 (ESK 2016). Following cities prepare necessary resolutions to join the idea.

In spite of fact, that only one city can win the European Capital of Culture’s title, a whole region may contribute and support the efforts. A great example of this type of engagement is Essen and the Ruhr region in Germany. The City, representing the region, was the Capital in 2010. To follow the example, Katowice office of ESK 2016 invited Heinz-Dieter Klink, Executive Director of the Ruhr Regional Association, and Susanne Skipiol, Assistant of the Program Coordination of Ruhr 2010.

The guests are going to share its experience as both regions, Ruhr and Upper Silesia, have things in common. Essen and Katowice are capitals of important regions, inhabited respectively by more than 5 and 2 million people. The Ruhr region is created by 53 cities, the Upper Silesian Metropolis associates 14 cities. Essen and other cities of Ruhr proved that “together” means better and more effectively. Katowice and GZM want to take advantage of this success.

“Most of the GZM cities already submitted a willing of cooperation and Katowice is going to run projects with them. Moreover, we established a cooperation with Spanish Saragossa, Burgos and San Sebastián, which where chosen to the second stage of the contest, the same as Katowice. Also, we would like to enlist cities that are not associated in the GZM” – said Marek Zieliński, Director of Katowice office of ESK 2016.

Additionally, on 7th of March mayors of the GZM cities and chairmans of the city councils as well as representatives of business, academia and the German guests participated in a meeting concerning the joined efforts and support for Katowice in the race for the ESK 2016 title. The meeting was suggested by the business sector interested in the idea.