High street retail rents in Katowice

The Polish retail market has experienced a difficult start to the year with retail sales in the first quarter down by 0.9% on the same period in 2008. It was the first decline recorded since 2005.

Instead of above, Katowice’s high streets retail rents are one of the highest in Poland and the decline is fewest in comparison with rest of the country. Moreover, the rents growth in Katowice is the most of all Polish big cities, both in 5 years and 1 year percentage compound. The most significate grow was noticed at newly refurbished Mariacka Street but the further rise of rents level will depend on demand. Some changes in prime rents are expected after Katowice Osobowa railway station development, where is intend to build a shopping center in front of present station.

based on CushWake's research publication