History of Katowice Museum at Nikiszowiec granted by EU funds

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The History of Katowice Museum will be renovated thanks to PLN 3 million from the EU funds and PLN 1 million of the Katowice’s budget. Localized at the market of Nikiszowiec district, in the past was used by inhabitants as a laundry and a mangel. In 1990’s was predicted for a branch of the History of Katowice Museum. As the building needed a renovation, it was waiting for better days. This year the Museum was granted by EU funds and the branch of Museum can expect a second life. Walls of brick will be cleaned, the interior is going to be tailor to needs of disable people. The total area of 1 100 sq. m is predicted for an artistic studio, information bureau for tourists, space for exposition and meeting room for citizens of Nikiszowiec district.

Call for a bid for renovation will take place in May. Opening at the beginning of 2011.