Katowice 2016: promotional video

After moving OFF Festival to Katowice, which was an important step to strengthen the City’s candidature for the European Capital of Culture title in 2016, Katowice is currently starting with a promotion in the Internet. An animated film presented below will promote the City in a race for the ECC title. Soon, an extended version of the animation will be available. A TV version is also planned.

An aim of the video is to present Katowice as a “City of gardens” which is a slogan of the City’s candidature. The idea shows Katowice as a colourful garden – a space for senses and cultural events.

Music: Ronnie
Animation: Pixx
Idea: Sokka

Katowice, City of gardens

source: www.2016katowice.eu (the website’s content is currently under completion)