Katowice considers to apply for Winter Olympic Games

The City of Katowice considers to bid for Winter Olympic Games in 2022. The intention was confirmed by the mayor Piotr Uszok during an interview given to fDi Magazine.

The mayor was asked about the competition with Kraków – the city located about 80 kilometers from Katowice being a strong cultural and business center. Piotr Uszok commented that he sees Kraków as the competitor but Katowice will rather co-operate with the city. “[…] There are more areas of co-operation than competition. For example, now we are thinking about bidding for the Winter Olympic Games, together with Kraków. For people outside Poland, this is one territory. We should work together, as by joining forces we can achieve more. We can also make sure we do not lose jobs to other places in Poland or elsewhere in Europe, and we attract business to ‘Krakowice’, as some people call it.” – Piotr Uszok told to the fDi Magazine.

The bid would probably be made by Poland and Slovakia. Prime presidents of both countries have already backed the idea in March. Kraków will be the center of the games and the other cities from Slovakia and Poland – including Katowice – would host snowboarding, skiing, ice hockey or the biathlon events.

The deadline for bids to the International Olympic Committee is 14th of November this year. The winner will be announced on 31 st of July 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.