Katowice introduced the city budget

Katowice has passed the budget for the year 2009. The outgoings are estimated for 1 billion and 660 millions złotys. The earnings are 1 billion and 400 millions złotys which half of this amount is a capital expenditure. The 20 millions is appropriated for the City Center redevelopment. As the full redevelopment will be started in 2010, the funds for the year 2009 are going to be spend for a modernization of the square in front of the Silesian Theater and for a tram line between the Roundabout and the Market Square area, Pocztowa and Dworcowa streets as well.
The “Spodek” Sport-Show Arena will be refurbished thanks to 60 millions złotys. In 2009, the Arena is going to increase its capacity to 11 500 spectators, a new lighting will be adapted to HD tv standards, and the first seats lines will be ready to push out automatically from under the grand-stand.
A very important city investment is a build of a new airstrip for the Muchowiec Airport which is situated almost in the heart of the City and is predicted to become a city airport in the next years.