Katowice most expensive street enters renewal stage

Works on the 3 Maja St. redevelopment gather momentum. Builders have already captured part of the street and commenced the modernization. For a start, former tram rails have to be dismounted.

“The old rails are being currently removed by the consortium of NDI and Balzola. The first phase of works on 3 Maja St. includes the section between the Market Sq. and Stawowa St.” – says Andrzej Zowada, press spokesman of Tramwaje Śląskie S.A. The firm is a co-investor of the redevelopment and a management body of the tram infrastructure in the Upper Silesian agglomeration.

The consortium was chosen by Tramwaje to perform the general modernization of the tram line on 3 Maja St. and Wolności Sq. The company of Skanska, contracted by the City Hall of Katowice, is responsible for the street’s new surface, pavements, greenery, lighting and street furnitures.

The modernization involves one more company – “Katowickie Wodociągi”, a water-supply company that is now conducting some piping works at the site.