“Katowice” neon returns to Railway Station roof

The „Katowice” neon sign of the main Railway Station is being put back at the top of the first reconstructed cup-shaped pillars. A frame of the neon was already installed and the original letters creating the name of the City will be fitted up soon.

The frame is installed exactly in the same place where it has been located since 1972 when the building had been erected. The neon will consist of the renovated letters that were taken down on 20th of December 2010 before the start of demolition works on the former Katowice Railway Station’s main hall.

“Inspired by the past times photos of the illuminated city, we decided to join the initiative of reviving the neons of Katowice. The renovation of the “Katowice” neon sign is being conducted within our KTW Center concept and is based on the original documentation” – said Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska, press spokesman of Neinver Polska.

Each of the restored letters are 116 centimeters high. The widest “W” leter is 139 cm wide, the narrowest “I” letter is 20,5 cm wide. The neon will be located 21 meters above the level of Szewczyka Sq. and it will be 8,26 meters wide.

KTW Center is a concept developed by the investors of the new Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka – Neinver and PKP S.A. The Polish name (KTW) refers to the values the center promotes – Creativity, Tradition and Knowledge (Kreatywność, Tradycja, Wiedza).