Katowice Railway Station will be demolished

Polskie Koleje Państwowe (Polish State Railways, PKP) decided to demolish the Katowice Railway Stadion and start with a new project in the place of this unique, mid-century modernism building. We still don’t know how will the new Railway Station look like. PKP is going to announce a main contractor and project in next few weeks. Michał Wrzosek, a press spokesman of PKP said that 90 precent of the Station would be destroyed. He didn’t mention which part of the building would be preserved.

The main hall of Katowice Railway Station in the past

Katowice Railway Station, designed by W. Kłyszewski, J. Mokrzyński and E. Wierzbicki (called “Tigers”), was erected in 1972. It is famous for great architectural values, has a simple mass surrounded with the gallery and the cup-shaped pillar system supporting the roof – the most characteristic part of the Station.