Katowice – the biggest cultural construction site in Poland

“The coming three years will be epoch-making for Katowice. This is time which will change the image of the City not only in the point of view of the Silesia region itself or Poland, but in Europe’s opinion as well” – Bogdan Zdrojewski, Minister of Culture, said during his Friday’s working call in Katowice.

The minister has visited the cultural district including construction sites of the new seats of the Silesian Museum being currently built and the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra – the works should start in spring 2012. Also Zdrojewski has met with representatives of universities and local cultural institutions to talk on the extension of the Silesian Philharmonic, digitalization of the Silesian Library, development of new seats of the University of Silesia’s Radio and Television Faculty and the Academy of Fine Arts.

“The culture became one of the best sectors to invest” – ha claimed and added – “Katowice is the biggest ‘cultural construction site’ in Poland with the greatest meaning. The City has awaited these undertakings for almost two decades. We estimated that all the investments amount approximately PLN 1,5 billion.” Moreover he declared to double a governmental financial help for promotion and organization of cultural events in Katowice and the region during next three years.

Additionally, the minister became familiar with the City plans concerning two cultural projects – application for the European Youth Capital’s title (EYC) in 2015 and the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (CCN) in the area of music.

The EYC’s title is granted to a European city for a year. It gives European cities the chance to present a programme over one year, which highlights the wealth, diversity and common characteristics of Europe’s intergenerational approach, and the empowerment of young people throughout the continent. Any municipality or groupings of municipalities are welcome to apply. The deadline for applications is 1st of May 2012.

The CCN is a network of creative cities, working together towards a common mission for cultural diversity and sustainable urban development. The Network aims are to develop international cooperation among cities and to encourage them in the name of ‘culture and development’ and ‘sustainable development’. Once a city is appointed to the Network, it can share experiences and create new opportunities with other cities on a global platform. There is no specific deadlines for the application submission.

„It is necessary to have a goal in mind, to have something to fight for and aspire. That is why we decided to apply for these two projects” – said Piotr Uszok, Mayor of Katowice.