Katowice under construction

It can surely be said, without exaggeration, that Katowice sees the largest development process over the last decades. Construction sites, machinery and building crews can be seen from every quarter.

The largest engagement in the building works takes place in the cultural district being currently erected in the area of the former „Katowice” coal mine. “Katowice is the biggest cultural construction site in Poland with the greatest meaning. The City has awaited these undertakings for almost two decades” – Bogdan Zdrojewski, minister of culture and national heritage, said during his visit in Katowice in 2011. Only the investment projects in cultural district are worth more than 1 PLN billion.

Only a few days left to the grand opening of another stage of the investment situated at Szewczyka Sq. in the very heart of Katowice. Neinver is now perparing to have its first guest over 46 000 sq. meters in Galeria Katowicka. Together with the new Railway Station, underground bus hub and an office building (to be raised in the future), the total cost of the undertaking amounts to PLN 1 billion. The multifunctional complex has been being erected since December 2010.

The another important investment undertaking is the City Center redevelopment. The project embraces the revamp and refurbishment of the Market Sq. – Roundabout area as well as 3 Maja – one of the most expensive streets in Poland. The construction work is divided into three stages of which the second one is currently underway. The most important will be third one involving the reshape of the Market Sq. – a long-awaited new public space, which will replace the old square which needs immediate improvement. The final cost of the three stages is unknown as the designing works have not been finished, however it will surely exceed PLN 200 million.

As there are still many unused plots in the City Center waiting for better future, some private intestors feel the time is now and they do not want struck while the iron is hot. Amongst the largest projects in the central part of the City are the development of Supersam (43 000 sq. meters retail and entertainment center), the third stage of Oak Terraces (three buildings, 317 apartments), and two office schemes – new building of LC Corp on Roździeńskiego Av. and Silesia Business Park (Skanska, an investor of the undetaking, is still preparing to the official start of works and builds the two-storey parking lot for two almost 60-meter-tall buildings).

See the construction works on Katowice on photos shot from the Altus roof on 6th of September (subtitles under each picture).