Kiev Polytechnic Institute – new partner of Euro-Centrum

The Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park enlisted a new foreign partner. A bilateral agreement between the Park and the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU KPI) was signed yesterday in Kiev.

Research projects in the field of renewable energy sources including solar systems will be developed within the framework of cooperation. The NTUU KPI is a major technical school in Ukraine and specializes, among others, in energy. The University’s Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management offers a well equipped laboratory which would be used for the joint researches.

Except the projects connected with energy, both sides want to exchange experiences in the area of cooperation between science and business. The Kiev Polytechnic Institute manages the “Kyivska Politechnika” Technopark and is creating a new cluster at present. Ukrainians will take advantage of the Euro-Centrum’s Cluster of Energy-Efficient Technologies in Katowice.

The cooperation with Kiev is also a chance for business and science partners of Euro-Centrum to improve their activity thanks to the Ukrainian University.

The NTUU KPI was founded in 1898. Since 1898, the school remains one of the best technical universities in Europe mostly known for its innovative research. Among prominent people worked at the KPI was Dmitri Mendeleev – the inventor of the Periodic table of chemical element. At present the number of students at the KPI exceeds 40 000.