Konieczny in the City Center

The “Gazeta Wyborcza” newspaper reveals that Robert Konieczny, the owner of KWK Promes and one of the best young Polish architects is designing an apartment building localized in the City Center of Katowice. Working name: “Multivilla”. The final project will be shown in April as the designing process is still in progress. The developer prefers to stay anonymous.

The future building will be developed near the seat of Academy of Fine Arts, in the area of the best modernistic architecture of Katowice. The project assumes 9 upper-class suites at 6 floors with a special design for each one, modern or traditional, one- or two-storeyed with a high-tech stuff and two underground car park places per suite. We can expect a special solution – a typical storey laminated construction will be replaced by suites interweaving.

The developer predicts to finish the construction in 2010.