Konior: Blazing the way

Between 22nd of January and 7th of March 2010 the “Konior Studio. Architecture in context.” exhibition is presenting in the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław. The quoted below Tomasz Konior‘s interview snippet concerns matters of the designing works of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra seat. A full version of the interview is available in the exhibition catalogue.

At present Konior Studio is designing the new seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra…

Tomasz Konior: This is our youngest child which strongly absorbs. Every day we try to find a good answers on hundreds of questions about the space, the city, the scale, the sound, but also about the budget, realities, time-limits. And there is also the most important question: what is today the space for the music? Though, a high-toned audio equipment and a superb canned music give an excellent possibility to enjoy the music at home. That’s why a musical place must be characterized with something unique and exceptional. We seek the good answer continually. I insisted to work with the best acousticians in the world. It succeeded. This gives a new possibilities. The project evolves.

Such concert hall does not exist in Poland yet?

Tomasz Konior: This is a blazing the way. And we will see, how the idea will become materialized. Our Studio won the contest presenting the project of a traditional concert hall which appealed to jurors and first of all to future users. There had been created a middle-class-concert hall, embedded in the European canons. Thanks to the cooperation with Japanese experts the project is going in the direction which is so close to us: the space of the meeting and the integration. […] Outside the building will be created a public spaces, active not only during a chosen day-time or a season. The projected “world of gardens” will be an asset. Each of the gardens will have a different specificity. A square in front of the hall’s entry was designed to be connected with the interior space, so that creates the two areas almost a one whole. We try to saturate both the building and the surrounding spaces with the attractive offer. This has to be an invitation…

© Konior Studio, plan of the NPRSO's building area