Lock up stage completed of Silesian Philharmonic

Mostostal Warszawa conducts a next stage of the Silesian Philharmonic renovation and extension. Construction works were concluded in February and the prime contractor has already delivered a lock up stage of the building.

Works on the Silesian PhilharmonicWorks on the Silesian Philharmonic, cafe and steel structure of the top floor's facade covered with glass

Currently, the next stage of works comprises the execution of walls, partitions and casings as well as wall lining and painting. In the extended part of the Philharmonic, interiors were provided with décor elements, ventilation installation, water supply and sewerage installation. In both parts finishing works connected with the interior design and heating and ventilation installations were commenced.

First elevation works are already underway. The steel structure of the top floor is almost fully covered with glass. The top floor’s front area will house a cafe. Management offices and a patio are designed in the central part of the floor.

Apart from completely new interiors and the extended part, the Silesian Philharmonic’s main concert hall will be equipped with a new organ which was built by renowned Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstaat from Germany. The instrument was designed by prof. Julian Gembalski.

The concert hall of the Silesian Philharmonic is located in the building erected in 1873 and is the oldest hall in Katowice designed for playing music.