Making decisions on downtown

After a presentation of three concepts of the future City Center by the consortium of Polish and Spanish design studios, nowadays a next step is to survey citizens about theirs preferences. Townsmen can voice theirs opinions on three proposals presented by the consortium. The concerned area is a part of the City’s downtown along Korfantego Avenue between the Roundabout (Rondo) and the Market Square (Rynek). According to Krzysztof Rogala, the Katowice mayor’s plenipotentiary for the Rondo-Rynek project, the redevelopment will cost around PLN 262 million (EUR 63m). The costs may increase to 300 million, if the City decides about an underground road development.

After consulting public opinion in February, the City Hall is to select the final concept for the Rondo-Rynek transformation from the three projects. In July, it will make decisions main communication issues, like car and tram traffic. A building permit for the entire project is to be given by spring 2011, but construction of some of its elements could begin this September, according to CiJ Journal. Rogala adds that the amount of retail and leisure space that will be featured in the renewed City Center will depend on investor interest, so long as ground and first floors are done in accordance to directions from the City. “Their interest is clearly visible. However, many companies are wary of the market, and decisions are taken with a lot of caution”, he says to the journal.