Malarnia – second life of former Masonic lodge

The Stanisław Wyspiański Theater of Silesia is preparing for opening a new facility “Scena w Malarni” (“Malarnia” Stage). After almost two years of restoration works, the building will be officially opened this month.

It was raised in the latter part of the 19th century by members of the Masonic lodge composing of famed figures of Katowice. The facility was a home of the so called initiation hall of the group. Designed by the architect Juliusz Hasse and built in the City Center by the “Rawa” river was called Villa by Rawa at that time. After the second World War, the building had became a property of the Silesian Theater and was a painting and carpentry shop of the Theater for several dozen years. It has been operating as the “Malarnia” Stage since 1992.

Thanks to the European Union funds, the restoration of the historic building has commenced in 2010. “Malarnia” covers almost 1 300 sq. meters of total space spreading over three ground and a one underground storey. It house a theater stage, conference and training rooms, cafe and storage rooms. The facility is located at 2A Teatralna St. The grand opening is scheduled for 24th of March.

The renovation of this neoclassical building was designed by the AB-Projekt architectural studio from Tychy, Poland. A total cost of the works exceeds PLN 7,5 million. 85% of the qualified costs were covered by the EU.