Market Sq. tender cancelled, II stage of redevelopment underway

On Friday, the City Hall cancelled the limited tender for designing public spaces of the Market Sq. to be implemented within the third stage of the Market Sq. – Roundabout area redevelopment. The Katowice officials will decide about the new procedure in the days to come. The same day, on 22nd of February, the second stage of revamp works was launched on the area.

The limited tender to design the new Market Sq. was decided in the second half of December last year. The two qualified tendering companies were to prepare projects of the land situated between Moniuszki St. and the “Rynek 13” building (north-south axis) as well as between the Silesian Theater and the “Skarbek” building (east-west axis). The City Hall chose the offer of the Kraków’s consortium of GPP Grupa Projektowa (leader) and two partners of the leader: MP-Mosty, Agencja Projektowa Architektury EKSPO. The second bid entered by the consortium of Venit (leader) and DIG Sowińscy – Architekci (partner) from Gliwice was rejected by the competition jury.

Venit and DIG had lodged an appeal from the decision in the National Appeal Chamber and won the case. Moreover, the NAC turned down the GPP’s project in view of formal mistakes of the bid and asked the City Hall to consider the Venit and DIG’s offer once more. The Katowice jury sustained its decision and the Gliwice-based studios’ project was rejected again. The City Hall explains that it was impossible to estimate total costs of the project and the offer had to be declined (Katowice wants to spent PLN 40 million for this stage of the City Center redevelopment).

Additionally, the City Hall committed mistakes in the tender specifications. According to the public procurement law, the procedure had to be cancelled. Now the Katowice representatives will be deciding about terms and dates of the new procedure.

Second stage of the construction work starts
The works on the Market Sq. will be the third stage of the Market Sq. – Roundabout area. The first one phase was commenced last year in March and includes the redevelopment of the tram section between the “Rialto” cinema and the “Jerzego Ziętka” Roundabout. The second stage of the City Center revamp was kicked-off last Friday and embraces road works in the fore-mentioned area. The stage has to be delivered in 18 months.

Within the contract worth gross PLN 85,74 million, NDI and Balzola will redevelop, among others, Pocztowa and Młyńska streets, the section of Korfantego Av. between the “Ziętka” Roundabout and Moniuszki St. The companies will also build new Śródmiejska St. situated along the “Superjednostka” building and will prepare a mixed pedestrian and vehicle traffic road in the area. The redevelopment of the “Rawa” river’s bed between the “Superjednostka” and “Korfantego 1A” buildings is also included in the investment process.

Moreover, the consortium will conduct some demolition works above the ground and under the ground on buildings, elements of street architecture, the tram tracks, the existing pavements, and elements of the technical infrastructure. The works also embrace the development of public spaces – laying new pavements, greenery planting, erection of tram sheds, elements of street infrastructure and fountains.

NDI and Balzola is also responsible for the first stage of works.