Mine waste dump will be removed by Trans-Ziem

The company of Trans-Ziem, which specializes in demolition and ground works, was contracted by Polimex-Mostostal S.A. to remove a mine waste dump partially covering a construction site of the International Convention Center (ICC).

Polimex-Mostostal had been chosen by the City Hall of Katowice to construct the ICC. The building site was handed over to the company on 19th of October last year. However, not much works have been done at the construction site so far. “Due to the mine waste dump’s soil contamination, Polimex-Mostostal had to carry out several additional tests answering where the soil can be removed and how it can be utilized” – says Marek Nych from Grontmij Polska, contract engineer of the project.

The ground works seem to be kicked-off at full steam now. “Trans-Ziem will appear at the site on Monday to begin displacing the dump. The company will be removing about 5 000 cubic meters of the soil every day” – Nych adds. It will take approximately three weeks to reach the level of Olimpijska St. Then, the company of Katowicki Holding Węglowy S.A. (Katowice Coal Holding) will enter the site to fill in post-mining voids. Trans-Ziem is going to continue the ground works afterwards.

The delay in the construction works’ progress does not cause any changes in the contract and delivery date of the ICC for the present. “Polimex-Mostostal will have to propose a so called repair programme to recover the delay time of 120 days” – explained Marek Nych. The company was obliged to complete the works by the end of May 2013 according to the contract.

In Katowice, Trans-Ziem was known for demolition works on the former Railway Station and is currently finishing ground works on excavation at construction site of the new Station’s building and Galeria Katowicka.