Mokrskich Brewery

The Mokrskich Brewery as known as Factory Centrum is an office and warehouse complex in the Szopienice district. In the past the buildings area was a seat of a brewery established in 1880 by Peter Mokrski. The brewery was manufacturing a beer and a malt. At the beginning the plant was made up of brewery buildings and a boiler house. Next years the factory was successively developed by a malt house, a storage cellar and a fermentation house. In 1937 the brewery declared bankruptcy. Until 1989 the complex was a seat of state enterprises. In 1991 all buildings were bought by Johann Bross who is the owner to this day.

During years the old brewery was under progressive revitalization. Nowadays, the complex is a seat of approx. 70 companies, mostly marketing agencies and new technology companies. Refurbished buildings offer 30 000 sq. m. of office spaces and basement warehouse rooms. The Mokrskich Brewery, localised at 26 Obrońców Westerplatte St., is managed by Novopol.

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