More retail in southern districts

The City of Katowice is preparing a Local Spatial Development Plan establishing rules and standards of building developments, and other specific conditions requiring the spatial planning regulation for the whole City, as well as for the southern areas. This part of Katowice is chosen by developers for residential schemes in most of cases. The City Hall decided to transform some of the areas in retail and leisure investments. “The City wants to improve the whole ‘southern subcentral’ area and convert it from a vast land of old warehouses and transport bases into something geared toward trade and services.” – says Arkadiusz Godlewski, Katowice’s deputy mayor, quoted by CiJ Journal.

“Outside the area earmarked for public residential schemes, private development companies are present there, particularly in the area of Kolejowa and Kościuszki Streets, with two residential projects already having obtained development conditions.” – says Godlewski. As the City Hall can not complain about a number of residential schemes, he hopes some retail and service centers will be developed there as well.

Godlewski mentions that the aim is not to compete with the retail function of the City Center. “So we are not talking about anything like second Silesia City Center, but rather about smaller retail, plus some entertainment infrastructure, like a cinema with a few screens.” – he says.

The Local Spatial Development Plan is under a public review during last weeks. The Plan will be valid for land owners after an approval of the City Hall.

based on CiJ Journal