Mostostal struggles with Silesian Philharmonic

In September 2010, construction works on the extension of the Silesian Philharmonic were started by Mostostal Warszawa, the prime contractor of the investment.

Lately, the builder’s crews were improving foundations of the existing building using a jet grouting technique. It is a process of producing a soil-cement material thanks to grout delivered under very high pressure to break up and loosen the ground, and mix it with a thin slurry.

However, a damage of load-bearing walls of this 138-year-old building had exposed during the works and it was necessary to stop improving the foundations until the walls are reinforced. Then, the jet grouting will be revived. A conclusion of construction works is planned for mid-2012.

The usable surface of the existing building (3 186 sq. m.) shall be increased to reach the total surface of 5 252 sq. meters. After the extension, the Silesian Philharmonic will offer a new grand concert hall, new chamber music hall for 110 seats, conference hall for 40 people, musical café with a Green Garden with 82 seats, elevators, architectural barriers for the disabled will be removed.

A total value of the project is PLN 31,47 million.