Multikino introduces Dolby Atmos and Xtreme theater in Katowice

Multikino is preparing to open its first multiplex in Katowice. Most of outfitting works were already done and the opening is expected this year. It will be the very first cinema in Poland where the Dolby Atmos surround sound technology is applied.

Katowice Multikino will be located on the third floor of Galeria Katowicka. The multiplex covers the total area of 6 170 sq. meters, the usable area is 5 890 sq. meters. There will be almost 1 500 seats in 10 screening rooms. The largest auditorium – 240 seats – is designed in the Xtreme room where the fore-mentioned Dolby Atmos will be installed. The American technology allows for a large number of side surround audio speakers to be mounted on walls with the addition of speakers on the theater ceiling and additional speakers behind the screen.

„Dolby Atmos is the most modern technology of multichannel sound in the world. The Katowice theater will be the first one in Poland where the system is installed. Dolby Atmos can create realistic and natural sound experiences allowing sounds to move around the theater and audiences to create unique effects. Apart from the system, the 4K resolution projector and a 48 frames-per-second format for release 3D movies will be provided for the Xtreme hall. Additionally, in Katowice we introduce the new standard of seats by the implementation of VIP chairs characterized by faux leather, wider armrests and wooden finish” – said Robert Kaczmarczyk, vice-chairman of the board of Multikino S.A.

Interiors of Katowice Multikino are dominated by black, red and grey colors. The outfitting is going to an end – all the 10 rooms are already equipped with chairs and the installation of screens and sound system is now underway. The cinema was designed by the „Hrynkiewicz i Synowie” architectural studio from Gdańsk. The chain does not disclose the total value of the investment.

Mutlikino is owned by Vue Entertainment. The British company bought the multiplex chain in October this year from ITI Group. The solutions to be applied in Katowice – the Xtreme cinema theater, the Dolby Atmos technology and the VIP chairs – will be introducted in Poland by Vue Entertainment for the first time.