Multikino – the biggest tenant of Galeria Katowicka

The company of Neinver has signed a new lease agreement for 3 600 sq. meters of space in Galeria Katowicka. The newest and the biggest tenant of the commercial complex will be Multikino, a multiplex cinema chain.

Multikino in Galeria Katowicka will be the first unit of the chain in the City. It will cover a whole floor of the third level of the complex. There will be ten high-tech screens in the multiplex cinema.

“Multikino with its entertainment activities adds a great value to Galeria Katowicka. The first unit of the chain in this location will be beyond any doubts a new attraction for customers and will energize the City Center” – said Barbara Topolska, CEO of Neinver Polska.

“I am very pleased with the signed agreement. Katowice and the Agglomeration offers a great potential. I am convinced that the presence of Multikino in Galeria Katowicka will strongly increase the attractivity of the complex” – said Piotr Zygo, CEO of Multikino S.A.

Owned by ITI Cinema, Multikino is the second largest multiplex chain in Poland, and has the distinction of opening the nation’s first multiplex, which was located in Poznań. Cinema City is Multikino’s primary competitor.

The company started its operation in 1995 as joint venture between ITI Cinema and British UCI. In 2003 ITI bought UCI shares an is now the only owner of the chain. In February 2008 it was announced that Multikino will merge with its second largest rival Silver Screen.

As Multikino was the first company to run multiplex cinemas in Poland, the term multikino is often used as a description of multiplex cinema. At present, Multikino operates 21 cinemas with 188 screens and 42 427 seats in 15 Polish cities.

Cushman&Wakefield is responsible for the commercialization process of Galeria Katowicka.

© Neinver; Galeria Katowicka