Murapol completed Mała Skandynawia and plans new project

Murapol S.A. delivered the third stage of the “Mała Skandynawia” housing scheme, which was the last stage of the project. The developer plans another residential estate in Katowice.

© Murapol S.A.; Mała Skandynawia
© Murapol S.A.; Mała Skandynawia

Within the all three stages of the development, 144 apartments were delivered in three buildings of three or four storeys. The housing units cover an area from 28 to 132 sq. meters and feature balconies, terraces or gardens on ground floors. The estate is located at 190 Armii Krajowej St. at the border of Piotrowice and Kostuchna districts.

However, the developer does not end activities in the City. On 28th of June 2012, Murapol signed preliminary agreement with Forest Hill Sp. z o.o. concerning the sale of a part of investment area located on Bażantów Street.

Murapol is buying 2,81 hectares of land located in the north-eastern part of the property from Forest Hill. The promised conditional agreement for the sale of the property, if all the additional conditions are fulfilled, will be concluded by 14th of December 2012.

The transaction value amounts to net PLN 8 million.

The Spatial Development Plan concerning this property, adopted in May 2011, enables construction of living space up to 50 000 sq. meters, that means about 750 apartments for about 2 500 people. In addition, there is construction of some commercial space foreseen.

Murapol has received from Forest Hill an approval to use the property in order to apply for a building permit. Commencement of the construction work can take place once a contract transferring the ownership of property to Murapol S.A. is concluded.