Neinver and Strabag show underground bus hub

The opening of the underground bus hub and Dworcowa tunnel are supposed to be opened on 2nd of January. Today, Neinver and Strabag officially presented the underground infrastructure to media representatives.

Underground bus station

The new bus hub will be located at the -1 level, exactly under the Railway Station hall. The 300 meters long Dworcowa tunnel, running across Szewczyka Sq., will also be found under the ground.

“This is the first such transportation complex in Poland built from scratch. It comprises the bus hub and the Railway Station over two levels within a one building facility. We have made something that had not been made before in any other city of this country” – said Antoni Pomorski, project manager at Neinver Polska.

The transfer bus station will comprise 10 bus stops, 7 mini-bus stops and a taxi stand for passengers getting off. It will be accessible from the Railway Station level by staircase, moving stairways and lifts. Also it will be possible to enter the bus station from the southern section of Galeria Katowicka.

It is estimated that 534 buses will pass through the station during every working day. The hub will be used in 70 percent of its total bus flow according to a timetable to be in force from the 2nd of February. Twelve different bus lines will use the terminal (routes number 0, 12, 37, 50, 110, 115, 600, 672, 674, 689, 910 and the “Airport” line). It will take about five minutes for a bus to enter the station, drop and take passengers, and to exit the hub. On average, the buses will leave the station every 80 seconds.

The bus terminal is 36,5 meters wide and 4,5 meters high (3,5 meters near the bus stops). The Dworcowa tunnel has four lanes, two in each direction, and is separated from the bus hub by wall. The maximum speed is limited to 30 km/h. The tunnel will also lead to a two-level underground car park for 1 200 cars.

Galeria Katowicka, the last part of the multi-functional complex being currently built at Szewczyka Sq., and the car park will be opened in the second half of 2013. The investor already released the opening date that is scheduled for 18th of September.