Neinver fulfils its plan

Last months were showing the investment of Neinver and PKP S.A. – the Railway Station and Szewczyka Sq. transformation – met opponents despite of an approaching kick-off of construction works. The protesting architects are inconvincible in spite of an investor’s assurance the cup-shaped pillars, the most valuable part of the Railway Station’s building, will be re-created.

Regardless of the opposition, the project seems to go its own way in accordance with assumptions.

“A protester motion had been rejected and a positive decision concerning a valid building permit for Neinver was sustained last month” – claims a Social Communication Office’s representative at the Silesian Voivodeship Office.

“Currently we are arranging last organization matters connected with a prime contractor, a temporary station and Szewczyka Sq. It all needs a perfect timing. Next weeks we will be able to present a detailed schedule of works” – says Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska, press spokesman at Neinver Polska.

Neinver’s plans involve the development of a mixed-use complex combining a new Railway Station with the Galeria Katowicka shopping center and an underground transportation hub. Costs of the project are estimated at EUR 240 million.