Neinver starts Centrum KTW initiative

While a construction work on the new Railway Station building, an underground bus hub and Galeria Katowicka is in progress, the redevelopment’s investor starts a social campaign “Centrum KTW”.

A 870-meters long diaphragm wall is still being constructed now to prevent landslides. The works on the wall have finished at Szewczyka Square and 3 Maja St. and moved to the area of Słowackiego and Młyńska Streets as well as along the future underground tunnel. Meanwhile, construction workers are handling excavations for the Galeria Katowicka’s underground section using specialist devices. To improve foundations of neighbouring buildings, the prime contractor uses a jet grouting technique.

Last Saturday, on 16th of April, the developer of the investment – Neinver Polska – launched a social campaign called “Centrum KTW”, a Center of Creativity, Tradition and Knowledge (Kreatywność, Tradycja, Wiedza). This way, the company wants to organize events presenting the investment and the Upper Silesian culture, and which will involve the local society.

“Today, we asked local graffiti artists to paint the fencing of the construction site. In the nearest future we are going to invite citizens to workshops, vernissages and exhibitions. Also, we would like to prepare meetings for local businessmen where specialists of different branches will share their knowledge with them” – said Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska, press spokesman at Neinver Polska.

Next month, Neinver will also participate in the 3rd European Economic Congress as a panelist.