Neinver talks about office building at Szewczyka Sq.

While the last works are being carried out on Galeria Katowicka and the mall is scheduled to be opened in September this year, questions will surely be asked more and more often about the last stage of Neinver’s multipurpose undertaking – the office building at Szewczyka Sq. Now the investor updates the project’s status.

The facility is planned to be erected at the east side of the construction plot on Młyńska St., very close to the Railway Station’s main entrance. It will comprise about 18 000 sq. meters of space to let, of which 13 000 sq. meters will be taken by offices.

“Talks are already underway with potential tenants of the office building at Szewczyka Sq. and we expect to sign first lease agreements soon. According to the Neinver Poland policy, we commence construction works when our planned project is 50% leased. Almost 5 000 sq. meters of the building’s total leasable area is designed for retail spaces which are more easily to be absorbed by the market in most cases. Consequently we reckon to reach the fore-mentioned 50% level sooner, than it would be if we offer only office spaces to let. We expect to deliver the building by the end of 2015” – said Agata Brzezińska, Country Manager at Neinver Poland.

As the description says, the A-class office building is going to be made of raw and timeless materials, such as steel, concrete and glass, which will match the elements of the Station’s structure. There will be seven storeys above the ground (underground levels were built within a former stage of the investment) reaching 32 meters in height.

The former stages of the investment include the development of the new Railway Station’s hall, underground bus hub, underground car park and Galeria Katowicka which is currently under construction. The office building has been scheduled for the project’s last stage.