New cargo base at Pyrzowice Airport

The Upper Silesian Aviation Group, which manages Katowice Airport is to announce a tender for new cargo base design preparation. New facility will be located in the Eastern part of the airport which has rarely been used since now. The USAG completed preparation phase and already secured financing for the project. Within the first construction phase 30 000 sq. m of new plane parking will be developed as well as a 7 000 sq. m cargo terminal. Works are to be conducted until 2013 with investment outlays expected to reach EUR 16 million (60% costs will be covered by EU funds). During several following years the airport will be extended by a new runway, a taxiway and a plane parking – these works will cost PLN 435 million. The internal development of the airport in Pyrzowice will be accompanied by a launch of new railway connections between Pyrzowice and Katowice and other cities in Upper Silesia. In November this year the Military Property Agency devoted to this purpose a 25ha land plot which currently is being built by a former military petrol station as well as a siding.

The airport in Pyrzowice gives 24h opportunity for any air operations and has an easy transport access thanks to the well-developed road infrastructure – the S1 express road and the A1 motorway junction (which is being subject to current construction works) are situated in proximity.

source: Real Estate News