New community center under construction in Dąb

A new community center of the “Dąb” district is being erected on behalf of the City Hall of Katowice at 1 Krzyżowa St. The most characteristic feature of the building will be a green roof available for use by the center’s visitors.

The community complex was designed by the architectural bureau of “Pracownia Architektury i Urbanistyki Rafal Mazur”. The 1 577 sq. meters building will be a home of a ballet hall, multifunctional room (for about 100 spectators), changing rooms, and music rooms all to be situated on the ground floor. The first floor is mostly designed for a library and offices.

The irregular shape of the building reminds the reversed “S” letter creating two half-opened patios. The center will have a glassy elevation, internal walls are to be covered by bricks. A meander path will enable to get from the ground level to the green roof equipped with concrete benches. Also, a small amphitheater will be situated in front of the building.

The construction work is being conducted by Titan Lux for PLN 6,6 million. The City community center is scheduled to be delivered by the end of this year.