New district of GPP

Offices, apartments, shops, hotel, recreation areas, new roads and even an entertainment center – this is a vision of the Upper Silesian Industrial Park (GPP), a facilitator of changes and owner of the land located between Korfantego Av. and Konduktorska St.

The ecological district – a working name of the GPP’s project – will cover a total area of almost 50 ha situated in the northern part of Katowice. The offer of the future district is mostly addressed to developers interested in realization of investment projects. As the property is vast, it can be divided into smaller parcels adjusted to developers needs. GPP predicts, that the height of typical buildings in this area will not exceed eight storeys up.

However, the final appointment of the GPP’s property will be made by the City Hall who decides what can be erected in the Park. A study of conditions and directions of spatial development for the area is being prepared at present. The study will be a basis to adopt a new spatial development plan of the planned district. “The former plan prepared in 2006 allows only for an industrial and service building developments, what restricts our project to be implemented on a full scale level. We want the area would be a typical district where people can live, do shopping, work and relax. Our remarks were attached to the study” – explains Justyna Bartecka, marketing and development director at GPP.

Developers will be allowed to launch their projects only after resolving the spatial development plan by the City Hall. Before the construction work will start, the soil of the property has to be recultivated. “Part of the recultivation has to be done this year. It will be a 3 ha plot situated west from the existing buildings of the Park. The site will be covered by green spaces” – says Bartecka.

Apart from the ecological effect, the GPP’s authorities want the new district would be raised in accordance with intelligent city assumptions as engineering and infrastructural energy-saving solutions and IT technologies.

GPP does not disclose any dates concerning the undertaking. “We know it is a project to be developed for years and the effects can not be expected immediately. We also depend on the administrative procedures. However, the idea of the district is being already promoted to reach potential investors and attract them to the land”. For example, the ecological district was presented during branch events like Expo Real in Munich last year, and this year’s India Leadership Forum in Mumbai, MIPIM in Cannes and Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai.

By now, the Upper Silesian Industrial Park has erected a manufacturing and warehouse building of 14 600 sq. meters and 2 200 sq. meters of office spaces. The company also builds GPP Business Park at present. First of four planned office facilities, being currently under construction, will be delivered in July this year. The offer of the business park is dedicated to BPO/SSC/IT and R&D companies.