New scales of Spodek

Mostostal Warszawa S.A. is concluding an assembling work on the new elevation made of aluminium scales of the “Spodek” sport and entertainment hall. Workers are currently removing a scaffolding and first parts of the new scales were uncovered today.

The works on the new elevation is part of the modernization of “Spodek’s” exterior worth almost PLN 30 million. The construction site’s workers had to remove approximately 30 thousand old concrete scales as well as asbestos used on the elevation. The new 6 millimeters thin aluminium scales are much more lighter than the old ones and weigh only 4 kilos per one square meter, 25 kilos less before the modernization.

An ice rink hall connected with “Spodek” and being an integral part of the complex will also be covered by the same type of scales. Works were already launched.

The “Biuro Projektów Architektonicznych” architectural studio from Katowice is responsible for the renovation’s project.

New scales of "Spodek"
New scales of "Spodek"