New sport complex planned on Asnyka St.

The city of Katowice plans to build a multifunctional sport complex on Asnyka St. in the district of Piotrowice. Now the City Hall wants to ask citizens what they think about the architectural and urban assumptions of the project.

© City Hall of Katowice; sport complex planned on Asnyka St.
© City Hall of Katowice; sport complex planned on Asnyka St.

The new sport complex will be located in the place of the former „Kolejarz” athletic stadium. The subjected area covers approximately 6ha and is situated close to a new stop of regional trains and park&ride car park, which are planned to be built in the years to come.

The aim of the undertaking is to create a new sport infrastructure dedicated to the inhabitants of Piotrowice, Ochojec, Ligota and Panewniki. Citizens of these districts can file their suggestions and proposals concerning the project between 1st and 30th of April this year.

According to the architectural and urban scheme, the new sport facilities will include a full-size soccer pitch with 8-line track around, 75-meters long ballpark, handball ground, two fields of beach volleyball, sanitary building with platform for spectators. Also, there will be a parking lot for 108 cars.

The concept design was prepared by the Ayama Architekci studio of Agnieszka Majewska.

A detailed design of the sport complex will be prepared after the public survey is conducted.