New tenants in Euro-Centrum

After opening the innovative energy-saving building in Euro-Centrum Industrial Park at Ligota district and increasing amount of total office space, the complex seems to be more and more successful along with its development. At present, the list of tenants exceeded 50. During the last weeks, leasing agreement was signed with Mostostal Warszawa Group and Magma – both representing a builder branch; moreover, Fiten S.A. (energy sector) and Vertus (financial sector) are the following tenants.

Euro-Centrum is offering, among other things, an air conditioned open space surface, access to conference and training rooms, fast broadband Internet connections, restaurant, CCTV and security (24h). To encourage companies to locate their office at the complex, preferencial rental rates are offered: in the first year – 50 % discount on rental fee, in the second year – 25 % discount.