News on Katowice Railway Station development

For the past few months, the Railway Station located in the very heart of Katowice has been undergoing a reconstruction process carried out by Neinver and PKP S.A. One of the biggest infrastructural investments in Poland is already complete when it comes to the demolition stage and a diaphragm wall. Works are being run where a modern transportation, retail and business center is about to emerge. The aim is to deliver the Railway Station next spring.

Intensive works are underway at the reconstruction site of Katowice station. The excavation is being drained due to its deepening and fickle weather conditions. Works related to the building’s foundation slab began in the area of Szewczyka Square. At the depth of a dozen meters, steel fixing works and formworks are being conducted. The ground is getting stabilized with lean concrete so that foundations could be laid.

Protection works for the technical tunnel, whose structure became uncovered during the demolition stage at Szewczyka Sq. in December, are coming to an end.

The diaphragm wall has already been finished. Anchoring works are currently being performed. Construction site workers are also mounting steel spreaders which will fix the structure and reinforce it additionally. “This process is necessary for individual sections of the wall not to shift against one another and for the escarpment not to slip into the excavation” – explains Rafał Elżanowski, Investment Manager at Neinver Poland. The wall will function as the excavation’s casing as it may be used both as an underground wall and foundations for the emerging building.

Works proceed according to the schedule which assumes that the railway and bus stations will be ready in 2012. Galeria Katowicka is scheduled for delivery in 2013, whereas the final stage will involve the development of an A-class office building. The construction process can be followed online via a camera available at

Owing to the investment run by Neinver and PKP S.A., Katowice will get a new center boasting modern infrastructure that makes it possible to successfully handle 12 million users yearly.