Opening of bids for Roundabout – Market Square

An opening of bids for a first stage of the Roundabout – Market Square redevelopment took place today in the City Hall of Katowice. Twelve companies filed the bids. The opening was postponed twice as the bidders had asked a few hundred inquires concerning the competitive tender.

The lowest price was offered by a Polish-Spanish consortium of NDI SA and Construcciones Y Promociones Building Bilbao Sociedad Anonima (PLN 28,069 million). Higher-priced offers were proposed by Polimex – Mostostal Warszawa (PLN 28,842 million) and Mostostal Warszawa (28,845 million). An offer of the highest price amounts PLN 53,913 million. The lowest price will be decisive.

The bids were also filed by such companies as Skanska, Budus SA and Budimex SA.

“The City Hall is commencing to estimate the bids today. The offers will be checked in accordance with the tendering specification. It should take a few weeks. Then, we will be able to announce a winning company” – says Daniel Muc, press spokesman of the Roundabout – Market Square redevelopment.

The first stage of works includes a reconstruction of the double-track tram line and its infrastructure situated between the Roundabout and Moniuszki St., a rebuilding of the tram line in the area of the Market Square, Św. Jana and Kochanowskiego streets (the line located under the railway overbridge) as well as a removal of the tram line from Pocztowa and Dworcowa streets. Also, the works will involve a construction of a tram bridge over the “Rawa” river, new tram platforms, tram wires, road surfaces (mostly on Św. Jana St.), traffic lights, redevelopment of a sewerage system and power network.

All the works have to be finished within a period of 12 months since the contract is signed.