Orchid calyx of Rank Progress

In July, katowicethecity.com spoke with Dariusz Wyborski, spokesman at Rank Progress, about the company’s investment in Katowice. Nowadays, Rank Progress discloses more details about the project, called “Rank Tower Center”. This is how the company pictures the scheme.

In recent years Katowice is clearly changing its image. The capital of the Upper Silesia, previously characterized by mine shafts, is looking for new symbols.

Such expectations can be undoubtedly met by the projected Polifunctional Center – Rank Tower Center. It is distinguished by bold and modern architecture matching 22nd century, which could be a source of envy even for the world’s finest cities.

Three towers: 168, 184 and 200 meters tall, form a shape of a beautiful orchid calyx. Not only do they delight with beauty but also form an exceptionally useful space.

Each tower may perform a different function. Individual floors may be dedicated to different functions too. The Rank Tower Center is by default a multifunctional complex. It can be used for sales and services, offices, residential purposes, as well as a hotel, conference center and entertainment center.

The total area of the Center exceeds 144,000 square meters. Proximity of the city center, convenient communication and over 20,000 square meters underground parking are further advantages of the project.

The building is located in Katowice, at the plot on Olimpijska Street. The location is in the strict downtown of Katowice and it is in a short distance from the famous Katowice Spodek [concert and event hall]. The area of the direct neighbourhood of the plot, close to downtown, is an ex-location of the “Katowice” coal mine, which is not operating any more, where a new seat of the Silesia Museum and the International Conference Centre is to be built in the future. In the close future this location may become one of the most prestigious locations in the city.

Current status of the development of the plot
Currently, three, two-storey office buildings and a utility building are located there. The plot is partially wooded.

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Planned development of the plot
The planned building takes the substantial area of the plot. The southern part of the plot is the entrance area to the office part. The northern part is planned to be a spacious entrance area to the commercial centre. Within the plot’s area, in a direct neighbourhood of main entrances to the building, clusters of low green areas and small architecture elements are located.

Main project assumptions
The building’s arrangement is created by three towers, of 168m, 184m, and 200m high connected with central passage, covered with glass roof of irregular, organic shape. The interior of the composition is a multi-storey, spectacular atrium with panoramic lifts and footbridges connecting towers. The organic character of the composition is emphasized by an irregular shape of a base, having a commercial function. The arrangement of tower buildings allows locating open office spaces around traffic and sanitary objects located around a central core.

Traffic services
The concept assumes multi-storey underground car park under a substantial part of the plot. Entrances and exits from the underground car park are located from a road parallel to the plot from the southern side and from Olimpijska Street.

The statement of area underground car park
Number of storeys: 3
Total area of a car park storey: 6 809 sq.m
Total car park area: 20 427 sq.m

Commercial part
Number of storeys: 4-5
Total area of a commercial part: 21 062,5 sq.m

Office part
Number of storeys: 37 – 49
Average area of office storey approx. 788 sq.m
Total area of an office part: 99 382,5 sq.m + atrium 4 060 sq.m

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