Outsourcing services in Katowice and area

Katowice, with its 300 000 inhabitants, being the capital and main city of the Upper Silesia Agglomeration with 2 million citizens, is also known for a very well developed transport infrastructure, good location at the crossroads of trans-European transport corridors (III and IV), growing availability of A-class office buildings and highly skilled labour force. Within the radius of 100 km, three international airports are located, including the Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice. It all gives a very good position to become a one of the most important players on the market of outsourcing services.

The study of attractiveness of the Silesian region carried out by researches from the University of Economics in Katowice confirms positive trends developing among participants of the survey. The interviewed experts and managers state that the region has better and better image among foreign investors and besides, they believe foreign companies are more and more involved in the region and many new companies are established here.

The Silesia region is considered as one of the biggest academic and scientific centers in Poland with almost 200 000 students which is about 10% of the total number of students in the country. To meet requirements of present and prospective foreign investors, the Complex of Silesian International Schools in Katowice was opened. It has a certificate for the International Examinations of the University of Cambridge and runs its courses in English from the kindergarten level up to the secondary school level.

Many investors had already appreciated key assets of the City and the whole region which resulted in establishing their businesses here. At present, the market is coming to its revival and, according to analysts, growing interest in Katowice is visible.

Below, a list of SSC/BPO/ITO/R&D centers which are currently operating in the Katowice Agglomeration:

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