PKP leaves no doubts

Protests against demolition of the Railway Station’s building will not stop plans of the investors – was stated today in a press release of PKP (Polish State Railways). A year ago PKP and Neinver Polska revealed the main building of the Station has to be demolished because of the poor condition of the cup-shaped pillar system structure. The companies want to demolish the building and rebuild it within the framework of their joint venture and redevelopment of Szewczyka Sq. The partners announce to start construction works next weeks.

The Katowice Railway Station, raised in 1972, was designed by notable Polish architects called Warsaw Tigers: Wacław Kłyszewski, Jerzy Mokrzyński and Eugeniusz Wierzbicki. Its construction was worked out by a world-renowned engineer Wacław Zalewski. According to a protester group of architects, art historians and architecture lovers, the building is a great achievement of the world’s engineering and functional design. In their opinion, the hall deserves its conservation and enhancement instead of demolition.

PKP and Neinver assure to rebuild the structure of cup-shaped pillars corresponding to the original construction. The companies consider to preserve one or two pillars as originals.

The reconstruction of the Station hall, transport infrastructure and the construction of Galeria Katowicka are to be finished in 2012. The office building is planned to be delivered in 2013. According to the developer, about 2 000 people and 300 companies will find employment at the construction site. The new investment will create approximately 1 500 workplaces after the opening.