PKP PLK cooperates with Sud Architectes

The redevelopment of Katowice’s Railway Station will launch in July this year. Together with development of a new Station’s building and a commercial complex nearby (the joint venture of PKP S.A. and Neinver), PKP PLK* will start a refurbishment of the Station’s platforms and its roofs as well as new railway lines inside the limits of the platforms. The company has already appointed Kazimierz Szczurkowski as a project manager of the investment. According to Szczurkowski, PKP PLK has requested the Sud Architectes Polska studio, which is responsible for the architectural design of the Neinver’s part of the project, to prepare a concept design of the future platforms and access tunnels for passengers. Theirs design has to correspond with the Station’s building and the commercial complex at Szewczyka Sq. The new platforms will be equipped with moving stairways and lifts. The project manager claims, quoted by, that the refurbishment will be finished until 31st of May, 2012. The same date is scheduled for the conclusion of the new Railway Station’s building. The commercial complex at Szewczyka Sq. will be opened late 2012.

* PKP PLK manages the Station’s platforms and its roofs, access tunnels to the platforms and railway lines.
PKP S.A. manages the building of the Railway Station.