Plans for Old Railway Station

In October 2007, Polish State Railways (PKP) sold the Old Railway Station’s building (“Stary Dworzec”) to the Eurostar Real Estate (ERE) company for PLN 45,5 million. This old, more than 100-year-old Secessional complex bought by ERE comprises four buildings covering area of approx. 7 500 sq. meters. The Polish-Italian developer plans to revitalize the complex and after several negotiations with the City Hall, already run administration proceedings.

“We have filed four different land development conditions in the City Hall and we are waiting for the decision. This four documents include different designs but all were consulted and initially accepted by the Voivodeship Conservator Officer. It is very important as we want to preserve the unique value of the complex’s architecture.” – said Jacek Bernacki, representative of ERE.

The developer has already chosen a company responsible for a project management. Global Retail and Residential Estate Services Sp. o.o. (GRRES) is a real estate consultancy company which provides development services for mixed-use, retail and residential projects. The SUD Architectes studio is the designer of the architectural concepts.

“ERE has a coherent business and architectural vision of the project and is determined to move forward the investment. However, our plans are strictly connected with future Dworcowa Sq. where an underground car park will be developed by the City Hall in cooperation with a private investor. It will be located in front of our property. So now we have to wait for the next step of the City which has to choose the investor. Then we will be able to match our activities with the parking development.” – Jacek Bernacki added.

Eurostar Real Estate also filed a motion for a land development condition’s approval concerning a plot on Wojewódzka St. opposite the Old Railway Station across the railway line. Moreover, ERE is owned a 7ha plot in Katowice in the area of “Spodek” where a housing estate is planned.